Books on any device, any application

No one owns the idea of a book, but somehow (historical reasons) the word ebook is almost synonymous with the Kindle. FuturePress aims to free books from the prisons of current proprietary formats. We are building a lightweight 100% JavaScript based open source “ereader.” You can read an ebook on any device, or in whatever application you like.

Please try the demo, contribute code, or send us your thoughts.

The future of eBooks is not in the production of digital photocopies you can read by the pool. The future of eBooks lies in re-imagining the book as an open, easily accessible, immersive experience; a connected community of discovery.

Scott Abel The Content Wrangler

Books should be made using open web standards like HTML5. Imagine what we can do when we allow books to be web resources! Everything we can do on the web, we can do here! It's so obvious!

Fred Chasen Lead FuturePress Developer

Ebooks belong on the web. This technology has the potential to give more power and flexibility to authors, developers, and publishers. No longer will we be chained up at the mercy of Apple and Amazon.

Marguerite Avery MIT Press

The "Reader"

Epub files are made with common web resources and components. They’re just documents like the rest of the web, nothing special, easily rendered by the browser.

So what does the reader actually do? It parses the manifest and spine of the ebook in order to access the documents inside. Want to use our reader with a different reading application like iBooks, Papers, or Zotero? We hope to develop an easy and secure API call so that other applications can access the book.

FuturePress is the product of a multidisciplinary research project at the UC Berkeley School of Information. Special thanks to faculty advisor Professor Robert Glushko, who has deep background in publishing technology and business, as well as industry experts Erik Wilde and Scott Abel who are also advising the project.

When conceptualizing ebook delivery on the web, our approach is to publish books that are *of* the web, and not just *on* the web. Our goal is to deliver books as web resources.

Eric Wilde Architect in EMC's Information Intelligence Group

The experience of reading an ebook depends on the capabilities of the software used to read it, blurring the boundary between book content and book context. This context can also include other people reading the same book.

Bob Glushko Professor, UC Berkeley

I should be able to read a book regardless of what type of device or application I want to use. It’s like that for things like music and video! But not ebooks. :(

Jake Hartnell FuturePress Product Manager

Feedback & Questions

We'd love to hear from you—especially if you want to contribute to the project, or are interested in making publishing more standardized and open. Epub is a registered trademark of the IDPF.