The future of eBooks is not in the production of digital photocopies you can read by the pool. The future of eBooks lies in re-imagining the book as an open, easily accessible, immersive experience; a connected community of discovery. Scott Abel The Content Wrangler


Epub.js is an open source Javascript library that allows any web page to render Epub documents on any device with a modern browser.

Epub.js contains a flexible rendering engine and provides a simple interface for common ebook functions such as styling, persistence and pagination.

We release and maintain Epub.js on GitHub, with a growing developer community.

Getting started

Just include a single javascript file, and pointing it at a hosted epub:

<script src=""></script>
  var book = ePub("url/to/book/");
  var rendition = book.renderTo("area");

See the Documentation for a full list of options, usage and events.


FuturePress is the product of a multidisciplinary research project at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

Special thanks to faculty advisor Professor Robert Glushko, who has deep background in publishing technology and business, as well as industry experts Erik Wilde and Scott Abel who are also advised the project.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you—especially if you want to contribute to the project, or are interested in making publishing more standardized and open.


Many thanks to the Shuttleworth Foundation giving us a Flash Grant in November 2016.